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Dedicated to giving each client the attention they need.
About Deborah

I have been in the lifestyle since 1991 when I opened my fetish store. I not only enjoy being a Professional, the lifestyle extends to my personal life as well.

I own the dungeon I work and play from.  I travel across the country to events to socialize, play, further my BDSM education and keep my evil skills sharp.

I enjoy many different aspects of Domination, such as Bondage, Torture, CBT, Impact Play, Electrical Play, Humiliation, Objectification and the list goes on.   I am a truly sensual sadistic Woman.


I believe that when BDSM is done in a safe, sane and consensual manner it's an expression of ones physical, mental and emotional desires. When the trust is mutual the experience will be amazingly powerful.


Discretion is always highly assured! 


  • Sensation Play: Mistress Deborah is a Sensual Mistress.

  • Corporal: Mistress Deborah loves Spanking (hand or hairbrush), OTK, Flogging, Paddling, Caning, Hair pulling, Face slapping, immobilizing bondage (Rope bondage,leather arm binders, mummification, smothering).

  • Dominance: I am a dominant woman. I was born that way. I'll always be that way, go ahead Dare Me! 

  • Compassion: I am a very loving and caring Mistress, but don't be fooled I am a sensual sadist. I can be your worst nightmare.

  • Sadist: I love devious devices for inflicting pain during CBT, Nipple Torture, Electrical Play (Folsom and PES units with various accessories), also a violet wand to light you up, hot wax to drip on you, or I just won't let you leave for days at a time. 

  • Fetish: Perfectly manicured size 9-1/2 feet (they are wonderful to worship, pamper and suck on), exquisite Stiletto High Heels (to trample you with), Thigh High Boots (for you to clean with that tongue of yours), thigh high stockings (for you to admire and be gagged with), shiny latex (to smother you with), leather (for you to smell), spiked (vampire) gloves, gorgeous hands with beautiful Beautifully Manicured Nails (for me to pinch, scratch and hit you with).

  • Public Play: I only do Public Play after we have a good relationship.

  • Interrogation: Tell me what I want to know NOW or else face the consequences. They won't be pleasant.

Mistress Deborah


wow! pushed my limits & i loved it.

Mistress Deborah is truly an amazing woman.


Love her ability to to bind me to the point that I know I can't get away. My heart skipped a beat

I wish I could have her all to myself. If I were a few years younger i'd be there everyday to take care of her.

sissy laurie
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