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Helpful hints to insure you have a  great session with Mistress Deborah

Don't arrive unprepared:

    • · The importance of cleanliness cannot be over emphasized! Take a shower if not immediately before our appointment, then at least in the morning. Be sure to wash yourself thoroughly after each visit to the rest room. Don't arrive hungry, tired or in a bad mood. Eat, rest and clear your mind before you get here.

    • · Carry out any assignments Mistress has given you. Follow her directions.

    • · Do bring the essentials

    • · An offering such as flowers, a card, wine, music or a small BDSM toy.

    • · Exact change

  • · Don't make a bad first impression .

  • · Be on time. Early is just as wrong at late. Don't show up more than 10 minutes early. Never be even one minute late. If you are going to be late call.

    • · Be polite and obedient, set the tone for the session

    • · Be patient if asked to wait.

    • · Be discreet. Don't address her as "Mistress" at the door, don't kneel outside her door or do anything else obvious.

  • · Do make a good start.

    • · Take care of the money immediately. Don't let her ask for it.

    • · Let her ask questions and gather information, then be sure to speak up about your hopes for the scene.

    • · Most importantly do not say "You can do anything you want to me" if you do Mistress might satisfy her most severe sadistic urges thinking that you are one of the rare few who can handle it.

  • · Don't ask for or expect sex or nudity:

    • · Know that Mistress won't be taking off her clothes, dancing, massaging, or letting you kiss intimate body parts, go see someone else for these activities.

    • · There will be no sex of any kind whatsoever!

  • · Don't ruin the session

    • · Don't hesitate when given an order, immediately do what you are told.

    • · Go ahead and make noise but don't scream.

    • · Speak up if you are pushed beyond your limits

    • · Don't touch Mistress without permission.

    • · Don't make inappropriate remarks or suggestions.

  • · Do be the perfect submissive

    • · Give up your power. Trust Mistress to remember your requests. Let her run the session.

    • · Keep your eyes downcast.

    • · Always address her as "Mistress"

    • · Ask for permission the speak.

    • · Get down on your hands and knees before her.

    • · Enthusiastically kiss her boot or whatever else she presents for worship, but don't be greedy.

    • · Crawling might be the only acceptable form of locomotion.

    • · Stay aware of your own limits during play. Don't try to impress by surpassing your limits.

    • · Thank her for anything and everything she does.

    • · Have realistic expectations the session will not perfectly match our fantasies.

  • Do get invited back

    • · Help Mistress clean up

    • · Demonstrate your gratitude tell her how great the session was and that you want to see her again.

    • · Understand that she may have another client waiting, so don't hang around.

    • · Call or E-mail her later to express your gratitude and tell her that you hope she will see you again.

  • · These are simple instructions. Most of which I consider to be common scene. Use them to your benefit.


Mistress Deborah's dungeon is  actually historic home built in 1890 located near downtown Kansas City Missouri. 



Go to my gallery and take a sneak peak of the Dungeon and other naughty things.


My favorite things. I love rope bondage and bondage of any kind,  CBT, NT, I try to remove nipples. Haven't succeeded yet. Violet wand torture, I have to say love electric play.More than anything  I love the power exchange.

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