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My Sessions


My hours are from 10 am to 8 pm, Monday thru Friday, the weekend totally depends on my availability. To be considered for a session you must first fill out my application. Be very detailed in your answers. If you can’t follow simple instructions, then don’t even bother filling out the application, go somewhere else. If you fill out the application please give us a chance to contact you first to tell you weather or not your application has been accepted. Sometimes this may take 24 hours.However if you have not heard from us by then please email us. 

After we have reviewed your application, Veronica will e-mail or call you to give you the news. This is only required for the first session. After you have been accepted and we have agreed on a session date, time and duration a deposit is required. 

If you are not accepted, then the Mistress has nothing in common with you, and doesn't  wish to play with you. At that point we can suggest another Mistress that might be interested in seeing you.

(If you don't have access to a computer we can't help you.)

My rates start at $250.00 per hour depending on your session.

I do not offer golden showers or smoking sessions nor does any other Mistress working at my dungeon. 

No Mistress will ever be nude or partially naked, DO NOT EVEN ASK! If you are looking for sex, then you're confused about what a Mistress does and is.
Go look somewhere else.

I do require a deposit for first time sessions. Deposits are non-refundable and insure your session appointment. If you don't show up or are late the deposit covers that time. The deposit is $50.00 for an hour session and $100.00 for two or more hours. If your application has been accepted and you would like to send a deposit, send it to

Dominant Enterprises LLC.
3150 Mercier Street #520
Kansas City, MO 64111
(This is NOT the address to the Dungeon) 


We prefer electronic transfer. Veronica will send you an invoice for your deposit.

Your application awaits you below.

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Mistress Deborah's favorite perfumes

Chanel no 5


Vince Camuto

Perry Ellis  360

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Giorgio Armani


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